Sonntag, 27. März 2011

Internet Explorer 9 - Avoid JavaScript in x64


Even though im not using the Internet Explorer since ages now and am pretty sticked to one type of browser i still like to browse announcements of new browser (versions). It was Microsoft to release version 9 some days ago so i decided to test it out and see if there are cool new things available.

While actually the x86 version runs pretty fair ive seen a problem coming up with the x64 version. If you launch a site which makes heavy usage of javascript (and there are plenty) you should be aware that it might get pretty slow. Its parsed and executed in a way that really makes you fall asleep. Of course i first thought that this is an issue caused by my system. So i restarted everything checked windows update and dug through the settings of the IE. Sadly nothing helped to make it faster. After browsing a bit through the wide web ive seen that this is an issue that Microsoft obviously knows. They didnt implement the JIT compiler into the x64 version of the browser. This causes the javascript code made by the programmer being executed without any optimization.

Why does Microsoft release a version of a product which lacks such an important feature? It reminds me a lot of visual studio 2010 which until yet does not have any support for intellisense in CLI/C++ which is one of the most important features of .NET as no one can memorize those zillions of objects... I really hate that manner of "We release half finished products and maybe there will be updates some when..."!

What do you think?